The Political Disconnect. Or how can you vote the way you did?

I get it. Politicians are all as bad as each other and if Labour had won in this last election, then I’m sure there would be many Conservative supporters shouting at other liberal lefties like me, saying things like. “See the health system is still a mess and we still have the deficit, but now we pay more money out to immigrants and people too lazy to work.” I get that, I really get that. But let’s just forget all that and look at you and I being a decent human being. I don’t think I’m too different to most. I’m a vegetarian so I guess I have that going against me, but I think what I want is what most people want. I would like people to be educated and have access to education no matter what background they were from. I would like people to be looked after if they are sick, disabled or find themselves unemployed. I don’t agree that the only good citizen is one that is a “good honest working man” What about those that are drawn to creating vast works of art, or wish to write books or craft plays or act, or sing. Should they be punished for not wanting to work 9-5 5 days a week for life? I’m not saying we should just give them money to do so, but stating that the only good citizen is one that works is short sighted. Creating an education and welfare system based on this is criminal.

So let’s use healthcare as an example for this little essay of mine. The NHS, seen now by the Conservatives and the Murdoch press as a bloated, primed cow ready to sell off to private businesses, was started in 1948, by the Labour party. It was after the war and everyone wanted something better, so it got put in place. In the meantime it grew, probably peaked sometime in the 80’s-90’s and is now struggling to keep up with demand. However, it does its job, if you are sick and poor then you can see a good doctor to try and fix you, safe in the knowledge that your treatment will not be run against a profit and loss chart to ensure it is worthwhile. This is going to change in the next 5 years. The funding to the NHS will continue to shrink, causing worse service to us humans. At the same time the Conservatives and their media partners will start spraying statements about how the NHS isn’t fit for purpose and a private buyout would do good. They will spread fear by using examples where the NHS not being a company has left it unaccountable, fear fear fear. Then it will be up for sale and more than likely, follow in the ways of the post office, sold off for way less than market rate to people that went to school with those that are selling it and finally the last great thing that the UK had will be gone. At this point you will suddenly find that you will be paying for medical treatment. Balls.

Moving on slightly, but still in the same vein of common decency is the welfare system. Despite what shows such as Benefits Street may tell us, not everyone on benefits is a scrounging drug addled maniac. Some people have a genuine need for benefits. In the previous term of government, stories such as this, when a man set himself on fire due to benefits cuts had started to be seen. The next 5 years will see even more of this. If things like this happen, which I agree is at current only a secretly leaked memo and so may not come true. Then we are going to see far more horrendous things, like a human being setting himself on fire for not being able to pay £800 pounds back because his local government screwed up happen. I should divulge here that I am a sufferer of a disease that at some point may render be unable to work, so I have a vested interest in this.

Terrifyingly it also seems that mass surveillance by government is back on the agenda, as the calming hand of the Lib Dems goes out the window. Eurgh. I could go on, but to be honest I’m depressing myself and it has all been said by a multitude of people in The Guardian and The Independent who get paid to write much better than I do, have a readerbase and aren’t just pissing empty bits in to the digital urinal that is blogging. One good point is that Farage got ousted as the stupid aborted wet dream of a politician that he really is. Oh except his party won’t let him resign. Great.

Here are some links if you want to read more about what is to come. (yes I know they’re all from the Indie, but you can go to Vice news, the guardian and a multitude of other non lefty media outlets to see similar things.)

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