Revolution in The Head – Changing Political Systems.

There has been a lot of talk recently about how the western political systems seem to nearing their end of life, to use a corporate term. The U.S. Seems to be a fully balanced two party system with neither really coming out on top. The UK is similar, but with a spate of small parties and an upsurge in interest in proportional representation. (Despite having a vote about this a few years ago.)

Wherever you are, you will be hamstrung by the fact that nearly all politicians are career politicians, in it for power and let’s face it, money.

This is not a great situation to be in, is it? But what’s the answer? There is endless evidence that revolution never works. Invariably chopping off the head and replacing it with another, just replaces one bunch of idiots with another set. With the new ones probably being a bit more prone to violence and not really having  an idea what’s going on. So a super loss in the long run.

So is there an answer? I think yes. We must go back to the ancient Greeks. The inventors of democracy. They referred to their society as Demos. Well only the members of their society who had rights. So no prisoners or er slaves and women. OK so they didn’t get it all right. Anyway, each year one hundred members of their society were chosen to govern for the people. They were randomly drawn from all walks of life, so everyone would be represented. This sounds like a great idea to me. Obviously I’d include women and would limit age range, maybe 16-85 but otherwise everyone is a prospective candidate. For pay I would take the current annual expense of UK politicians, split that 100 ways and pay it out. This would have the advantage of removing any cause of corruption. The thinking being that those 100 people would make enough money to be above monetary bribery. Also it would distribute wealth across the population. People would want to partake as it could give their lives a genuine increase in quality. 

I think that would be pretty great. 

How about you? What do you think?

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