Science Vs Satan – Is science as bad as religion?

Look, I believe in science. I love that we are understanding more and more about our world, our entire universe in fact. But I have noticed recently a sort of poo pooing by some in the scientific community (Richard Dawkin etc) of faith and religion. Which on top of the rise of religious extremism isn’t something we need. 

Now, I am not religious, but I do have some level of belief that there is some relatively benign energy that we all are sort of connected to. In fact it helps me through my reality on a day to day level. I appreciate that this is all very hippy, airy fairy bollocks, but that is my choice to believe. I do not need scientists telling me I am wrong. The same as I do not need religions telling me that what I believe is wrong.

Telling me that I can’t believe in my idea of belief, because of science or your religion, is toxic.

I’m going to keep this post short, because I don’t want to piss too many people off, so I will finish with this.

The point I’m trying to make is that belief does not and is not based truly on a faith or religious basis. I can have science and belief. I manifest my reality through my philosophy and through my belief. This doesn’t mean I can Matrix style go in to bullet time, but it means that I can make my reality work. Belief is something that is going on all the time, it is how each of us structures our physical world. By denying it due to science, or a fanatic religious following, we are starving our belief of fuel. We should instead learn to accept and recognise how we perceive the world and use it to work through problems and manifest our own better physical reality.

2 thoughts on “Science Vs Satan – Is science as bad as religion?

    1. What is out of context scientific? Energy? I don’t believe using the word energy in this sentence is out of context. Although I’m more than happy to be explained to.


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