Such a shame, a speculative shame.

I have been out pressing the flesh with my book this week. Well not this week as this blog is going to be published in the future. As you read this I will be in Indonesia, as I write this I am still in Australia. I think I just let you in on some of the magic.


Yes I have been out pressing the flesh and speaking to bookstores about my book. I have been quite shocked at the reaction I have received. Without really even speaking to me, or looking at my book, I was simply turned away from one book store. I thought at least there would be a friendly ear from the staff. a “Hey cool, you wrote a book.” or something along those lines.

Have we really reached a state where people are so jaded, that just as a human being we can’t support each other. I felt really quite bad after my day of trying to shop my book about. I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I did expect a somewhat friendly ear from my local independent book shop.

I did find out that my book’s genre is speculative fiction. This is apparently like sci fi, but with less focus on robots and space ships. Its a category for books that look at how the world would be if things slightly changed. It was a cool thing to find out if nothing else.

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