TV – Opiate the Masses.

Ah TV, the warm glow in every home. Beaming the message of international corporations straight to our eyeballs. 

For full disclosure, I work in TV, as a tech guy looking after computers, so I do rely on the goggle box for my continued existence. That being said, I don’t own a TV and only really watch box sets and the like. That being said (again) I think TV is a valuable tool, especially when it comes to channels from the BBC in the UK, the ABC and SBS in Australia and PBS in the States. Unbias news and program making not based on selling advertising or towing the government line is very important. I fear however this won’t go on for ever. 

Channels are being assailed from both sides. On the one hand governments are pushing harder and harder to cut funding and regulate  these broadcasters. Most likely due to a combination of fear and pressure from big business. Murdoch and his minions have been fighting both the BBC and the ABC for many years. Don’t get me started on how well Murdoch has his empire set up. It’s terrifying. On the other hand, technology is threatening TV as we know it. The internet is now capable of broadcasting HD and higher resolution pictures with no issues, and services like Netflix are taking full advantage of that. Traditional broadcasters can’t keep up. 

This is great for consumers, as in the wider market, organisations such as Vice are moving into roles of news providers and more. Giving truly unbias reporting on subjects that aren’t even appearing in mainstream news. Conversely there is now so much information available that there is risk of people never finding out what we really need. 

Hell of a time to be alive. 

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