Panama Papers. 

So people who have never spoken to me about international relations and politics have started asking me about what I think about the Panama Papers. Well, firstly, I’d say, it’s not like we all didn’t know is it. Same with the Snowden revelations, I’d been reading about what he said for years before he blew the whistle. My father even warned me of some of the things, so he must have known at least 20 years or more ago. 

The interesting bit is what happens next. Are we seeing the mass awakening that many people have spoken of? The Arab dawn but in the west. And if so, what mechanisms will be used by the people to assert their power? Will we see Bernie and Co get in, in the states? Or will fear prevail and Trump make his mark? How about Corbyn? That would be an interesting turn of events, but I have no idea what the outcome would be like. 

The revolutionary in me would love for it to happen, the realist wonders what exactly would happen if it did. Interesting times ahead and great stuff for book three!

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