An Update.

I’ve just done a little refresh on the website, so I thought I’d give an update on how things are going.

The most exciting thing is that book two, Just War is all lined up and ready for release on June 1st. The buzz from beta readers has been good, people are genuinely excited about it, and are loving how the story from book one has progressed. But do not fear if you have not read book one, I made sure that some of the beta readers were fresh to this book without having read book one and it still makes sense. Imagine it like the Back To The Future movies. They all make sense on their own, but if you watch all three, you get a more in depth view in to the universe of the books.

What else, well book three, the last of the End Of Days Trilogy is in the planning stages. I have the general plot and characters now just trying to knock together some finer points and then it will be full in to the hard graft of getting the 80 thousand words on to paper, well in to a file in reality.

I look forward to releasing my second book on the world, and thank all my readers for their support.

Have a great Sunday all.


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