One Week Old


Just War is one week old. Hmmm I guess it’s actually a bit more than that from conception, but it’s been in the general public for a week.

As ever I am mildly amused that people buy the book, even though numbers are small (but hey what can you expect with zero budget). But what really amazes me is that it’s bought in places where I think I have zero visibility. Apparently I sold three copies of the paperback in mainland Europe. Who do I know in mainland Europe? No idea. 

I have decided to leave the start of writing the third book until August / September of 2016 which means a likely release of Christmas 2017. Then 2018 will be spent making audio books of the three, before I move on to writing a book that has nothing to do with this series. 

Will see how accurately I can keep to this plan. 

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