rolling blackout

Daniel smiled in the dark. He hadn’t been in the dark moments before, but the rolling blackouts meant that you were never really sure how far away one was. It made, he thought, the 1970’s an interesting place to live. Which as he already had an interesting life, made things even more interesting.

He had been examining a photo taken by a colleague through a telephoto lens, which showed a very grainy image of a Russian diplomat passing an innocuous looking envelope to an as yet unidentified other party. The issue was that the other party looked uncannily like his boss.

He sat back in his chair, found his cigarettes and sparked up, breathing in the smoke, noticing the orange glow bounce off the walls around him, as he sucked on the filter tip. If this image was of his boss, he would have to be a little careful with how he progressed. Get it wrong and it may result in career, or in fact actual suicide.

He picked up the photo, placing it in his jacket pocket as he stood and left the room. The lights would be out for the rest of the day, so he had time.

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