twitching curtains

Daniel was stood, collar turned up to the wind, on the corner, very much positioned under the orange glow of a streetlight. Unlike his usual M.O, he was trying to stand out and look as shifty as possible. Getting the nosey parkers on this street alert and sticking their beaks into what was happening later tonight, was his required outcome.

He lit up a Rothman, blowing a huge cloud of smoke into the February night air. He saw the telltale twitch of a curtain opposite him.

“Come on, come on.” he said under his breath, “Take a look at the odd man stood on your road.”

He finished his cigarette, waited another ten minutes, then walked noisily down the street, kicking a discarded can. He reached  a suitable lamp post at the other end, stopped, lit another cigarette and repeated his act.

He had two hours before he knew the suspected mole would be on this street. If he could spook him enough to run, then he would have the evidence he needed to push on with the next step. He had no idea yet what this step would be, but he knew that it could be highly incandescent.

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