midnight cowboy

Daniel was sat, in his usual corner seat at the In and Out Club, nursing a scotch and hoping the rain would ease off. He was meant to be at work, but doing what he did, he had any number of reasons he could give for where he had been.

He’d been at the club for a lunch with some of his old regiment, managing to avoid the worst of the inquisitions into what he was up to these days. Instead he sat and feigned listening intently, as men he hadn’t see for two years, regaled him with stories of new wives and babies and retelling tales of their time in uniform together. He liked every one of the men at the table, but he couldn’t help but feel as if he were in a completely different universe to them.

He finished the scotch with a gulp and went to stand up, when in the doorway he saw his boss. He lowered himself back into his seat and began to closely examine the newspaper he had already read. Watching the man over the top of the pages, he looked on with interest, his boss was meant to be on holiday.

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