do you remember the first time

“The thing is Kath, he thinks that Father may have done her in.” Charles spurted through his G and T.

“Well we’ve all thought that at one time or another, haven’t we? It’s bloody years ago though, so what does it matter? Are you going to make me one of those?” Katherine, Charles’ sister responded.

They kept up the charade of the before dinner drinks, even though there was only three of them left in the house. Well, the three of them, plus the cook, their old Nanny and one Butler, come footman, come valet, who was married to the cook and kept the old sodden place running, just about.

“Yes, but remember that new years, when Smythe stopped us going up into the attic.” Charles said

“Well, he hardly stopped us, we were terrified and anyway, we checked the attic after father’s death remember? There was nothing up there except dead rats.” His sister replied.

Charles stayed silent. They had checked the entire house out after his father’s death, but he knew Smythe was primarily his father’s man and wouldn’t put it past his father to still hold sway on him, even after death. He needed to know more.

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