red right hand

“Sir she was following me, I had to act.”

Two weeks had passed since Daniel had been forced from active duty. Today was the first day of his disciplinary proceeding for assaulting a member of the CIA. It was bullshit, how was he meant to know that the girl who was tailing him was CIA? She could have been KGB or anyone. His self defense argument however, was not standing up to scrutiny by his superiors.

“My apologies Yates, I wasn’t aware that a suspicion of being followed gave you permission to viciously assault someone.” The prosecutor across the table said to him.

As he did so, he pulled out photographs of the face of the girl. Daniel had to admit, he had messed her up pretty good. He’d dropped her to the ground and then, ‘accidentally’, smashed her face into the curbstone, teeth first.

“With respect, have you ever been in an active environment?” Daniel replied “It’s not as clear cut as you make it out.”

He was interrupted by his boss walking in.

“Come on, we’re going to the Chancerry building. Our friends want to speak to you.”

Chancery building was the US Embassy, things were getting interesting.

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