the turning of the screw

Daniel was looking at the people he was sharing a room with and trying to work out what it was that made British and American people look so different? He was staring around a room of young to middle aged white people wearing suits. Yet, those that were American, just seemed to somehow emanate an aura, a confidence. Probably, Daniel thought, as he went back to looking at the paper in front of him, derived from the fact that they’d never lost a war, or had an attack on their home country.

“OK Daniel, you’ve had a chance to read the statement now. Will you please accompany me to the interview room.” Said the CIA London station chief.

Daniel nodded and followed the man through to another room, it was just the two of them.

“Take a seat Dan.” the man said.

“It’s Daniel.” Daniel replied

“Huh, oh, yeah right, Daniel.”

Daniel sat, the other man didn’t.

“Sir, I just want to apologise for what I did to your agent, it was a.” Daniel was cut short.

“Don’t worry about that now Dan, I mean, Daniel. We have bigger issues. How well do you know your boss? D’ya trust him?”

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