road to nowhere

“And that is how I ended up here.” Charlie said to the girl sat next to him.

“So you’re telling me, you’re on this bench without any idea of where you are, because ancient relatives of yours, that you didn’t know existed 6 months ago, did something awful in the past and somehow got you fired from your secret job for the government? Bullshit.”

“I didn’t say super secret, I just said I had top secret clearance and you can call bullshit all you like, but it’s the truth.” Charlie replied.

“Ok, ‘Mr Bond’ I’ll believe you for now. So what’s the plan?”

Charlie didn’t have a plan. He’d fallen asleep on a train from the airport and had ended up at a station at the end of a very provincial railway line. This was very pretty, but had absolutely no useful purpose to someone with a flat battery in their phone and a wallet of credit cards with nowhere to use them.

“Why are you here?” Charlie said deflecting the focus away from his disaster.

“I live in the station house. I saw you get off the train, you looked interesting and I figured you’d need somewhere to stay.”

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