back to the front

“He is my cousin sir.”

Charles was still stood at full attention, having not been put at ease by the C.O. sat at the oversized mahogany desk in front of him.

“I bloody well know he is your cousin. I asked you why he is here. I don’t seem to remember him being part of our unit?”

This was obviously a rhetorical question, but Charles was feeling cocky.

“Well you wouldn’t remember that, because he obviously isn’t. I ran into him when I was back in England, he seemed a little lost. He is a smart chap, we could use him here sir.”

“Oh could we Captain? What do you suggest I say to his current unit?”

“I don’t know sir, what did you say to my unit?” Charles was pushing his luck and he knew it.

“Damn you Yates. He has one chance, take him on your next operation and if you both don’t get killed and he doesn’t bally well screw anything else up, he can come in as your Sergeant.”

“Thank You sir. I will put him in Edgarsons room.”

“Yes, well Edgarson doesn’t need it anymore does he? Fallout Yates, see you at the briefing.”

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