happy chef

“Well it’s the least you can do after you smashed my face in to the sidewalk.”

Daniel had now spent nine days with the CIA agent who called herself Red. The agent that he had been followed by and who ultimately he had slammed to the pavement. As colleagues went, other than her stunning looks, still present even with the damage Daniel had caused her, she was lacking on multiple levels. The one that really was grinding on Daniel however, was her seeming inability to just keep quiet.

“You know what? If it will shut you up for ten minutes then I’ll do it. Jesus woman, I have never worked with someone so incapable of keeping their mouth closed as you. Where do you want to go for dinner?” Daniel responded.

“Somewhere British.” came the reply.

“British.” Daniel smiled “I know just the place.”

There was a greasy spoon round the corner, nothing more British than that he thought to himself. Then he caught sight of movement, over Red’s shoulder in the window across the road. He walked past her, looking through the camera poised in the window, it had been nine days, but finally something was beginning to happen.

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