chain letter

“Well I propose a toast. To Charles for selling the house and for the house for producing us.” Kath was stood at the table, where herself, Charles, their brother Thomas and cousin Alex were sat having a late dinner.

It was rare that the four of them got to spend time without attendant wives, husbands and children, they were enjoying themselves and making a good dent in several excellent bottles of wine.

“Let’s not also forget, good riddance to our dear policeman friend.” Alex added from his seat opposite Kath. This roused a cheer from three of the assembled four. Thomas stayed quiet.

“What’s up Tommy? Fan of the police?” Charles asked.

Tommy gave him a dry smile. “I had a letter.”

“Well lucky you, no one ever writes to me!” Kath replied.

“The letter was signed by someone.” replied Thomas

“Well yes they usually are old chap!” Alex responded.

“Yes very clever Alex. The letter was signed with the initials P.C.” said Thomas.

There was a pause before Charles spoke.

“Well it’s probably just someone making a joke.”

“Thing is, there are details that match Father’s diary exactly.”

Thomas reached into his pocket, and pulled out the letter.

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