bed rest

Charlie was still handcuffed to the bed. He wasn’t sure exactly how long he had been on the bed, but he had been having morning sex and it was now dark, so it was a while. He’d tried shouting and given up, he’d tried shaking the bed frame apart and given up. He knew people were in the house, as he’d heard the front door open and close an odd number of times, but no one ever came up the stairs.

The fact that no one had come up the stairs, had turned from annoyance into fear and he was now sat up, as well as he could with the fluffy handcuffs, shivering with all manner of awful thoughts running through his brain.

It had become obvious to him that the girl; Gina, perhaps was not all he had previous thought she was and in fact may be something quite more. He was trying to control this runaway thought process, when he heard the bottom stair creak. His heart jumped into his mouth, beating harder as he counted the footsteps on the stairs.

Then the door handle turned..

Quietly Gina entered..

“Where were we?” she said with a naughty smile.

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