after dinner mint

“And then, just as I am reaching the deepest level of feeling, of how this whole world, our whole existence, is just a futile succession of non sequitur events, I get hit with the sheer beauty of the thing. Futility is beautiful, this is all inherently completely without point. Hell, more than that, not only are we all going to die, we are all actively pushing the plough that will eventually trundle us off this mortal coil. Aint that just beautiful?”

Charles was regretting sitting down next to this waif of a girl after dinner. Luckily, Jack, his valet was nearby and seeing Charles’ exasperated face, swooped in.

“Sir, I believe you are required elsewhere.”

“What? Oh, yes I see. Will you excuse me Miss?”

“Miss Alberforce, but you may call me Alexa.”

“Well Alexa, it was a pleasure to meet you. Maybe we will cross paths again and continue this delightful conversation. Good evening.”

They walked away and when he was sure he was out of earshot, Charles turned to his valet

“Good lord, what was she on about? Quite bleak!”

“I believe the young lady has read Nietzsche sir.”


“A nihilist sir, perhaps, the nihilist.”

“I see.”

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