great balls of fire

“That doesn’t escape the fact, that rather than capture and bring back the target, you effectively blew him up, in the middle of no man’s land, in the middle of the night!”

The C.O of Charles’ and Alex’s bunch of vagabonds, was doing his best to tear a strip off the both of them, but all three men in the room were grinning far too much for anything to be really taken seriously.

“So for clarity, take me through what happened one more time.” The C.O said, stifling a laugh.

“Yes sir. Well, fundamentally, I tripped and fell into a shell crater and in doing so, pulled the string that we, I mean, I, had tied to the grenade in the prisoner’s trousers. Which in turn pulled the pin and in turn, blew…”

“Blew his balls off” Charles said under his breath, although loud enough to cut his cousin’s statement short by triggering both men to snigger like small girls.

“This is not funny.” said the C.O. also giggling “I have to now explain this to my superiors, plus the Germans have rained all manner of weapons down on our line, they’ve literally unleashed hell in retribution!”

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