“I swear to god, it is the same men propping up the bar in here as there were when Father used to employ most of them on the estate. It’s like they are carved from the very wood of the bar.”

“I feel that is a little fanciful Kath, they would be well over 100 years old now if that was the case.” Charles responded to his sister, whilst re-reading the letter he had been handed at the station.

“Yes, well obviously Charles, do you have to be so literal all the time? Can’t you be even a little poetic?”

Charles put the letter down and fixed his eyes on his sisters’.

“The poetry left my life a long time ago Kath.”

He returned his eyes to the letter. It was a simple letter, asking for a meeting at the house, with the owner of the house. The letter however, had a unique trait. One that Charles hadn’t spotted at first, but when he did happen upon it, turned his blood cold.

“This letter has a sealed date stamp.” Charles said passing his sister the letter.

“Well yes, some do don’t they?” His sister replied.

“It says 18th February 1889.”

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