lone shark

“We need to keep the operational footprint of this as small as possible, so other than those people in this room as of right now, no one and I repeat, no one else is to know of this operation. Is that understood?”

The six people in the room nodded in agreement to what the station chief was saying.

“Who above you in the CIA knows?” Daniel asked.

“This goes from me, to the deputy director and the director, we haven’t informed the president, he hasn’t high enough clearance.” Came the response.

“Now, to next steps.”

The man speaking was new to Daniel, one of two members of MI5 that had been bought in, as investigating one’s own spies was usually their territory.

“We need to remove the head of MI6, but in a way as to make it look accidental. We can’t face another public controversy of this magnitude. However, we also cannot risk an external agency being implicated, so that rules out either our security service or the CIA. Therefore, Daniel, this has been assigned to you. You will be able to get near enough to him to carry this out, without arousing his suspicion.”

Daniels stomach swiftly sank.

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