inviting invitation

Charles was, by using a pair of binoculars, just about seeing the upheld arm of the Statue of Liberty, appearing majestically out of the fog. They’d be docked into New York before nightfall. He handed the glasses back to the ensign who had been using them previously and began walking back to his cabin, where his valet would be finalising the packing of his possessions, ready for them leaving the ship.

He had returned to the plush carpeted internal corridor, when he heard his name called behind him.

“Charlie boy! Wait for me.”

He turned and was met by the vision of a gracefully running Alexa Alberforce.

“Miss Alberforce. Lovely to see you again.” Charles said, offering his hand.

“Oh please, less formality Mr Yates, Alexa is fine.”

“Very well, Alexa. Are you excited to be returning home?”

“Yes I have had quite enough of the British weather and this ghastly boat, it is quite cramped. Tell me what are you doing this evening Charlie?”

Charles was gobsmacked that she found the boat environ cramped, he had found it vast.

“Tonight, I have, as yet no plans.” Charlie responded.

“Well then you simply must come to dinner with my family.”

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