dancing shoes

“Your steak sir.”

“Good lord, what a remarkably sized steak. Is this normal?”

The waiter nodded and moved away from the table.

“So Charles, how are you finding Manhattan?”

Charles was having lunch, for the third time in a week, with Alexa Alberforce. From rocky beginnings, their relationship had grown and in truth, Charles had been quite thankful to have a native tour guide during his visit. New York was a different world to the one he had been used to back in London.

“Large, is how I would describe my trip so far.” He responded, whilst trying to cut a mouth size piece of meat from the slab on his plate. “I didn’t know what to expect before I arrived, but I could never have expected what I have seen. Of course, your company has made things all the much better Miss Alberforce, I think I would have been quite lost without you this past week.”

“You’re too kind Charles, but in fact spending time with you has been a pleasure of its own. I have never got to spend time with a true English gentleman and tonight I have a special treat for us, we are going dancing!”

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