love is love

“You know what you’re saying is treasonous right?” Red said, stopping on the path.

“Yes, why do you think I’m talking about it out here, where only the ponies can hear us. Treason or not, what do you think? Seems off to kill him, just because there might be a scandal.”

“But what’s the alternative? Talk to him about it? I doubt they’ll get a better reception from the Kremlin, so it won’t be like they’ll be able to run over there. You’re talking about making two senior ranking political figures, from opposite sides of the iron curtain disappear, at the same time!” Red said with a laugh.

Daniel started walking again.

“OK practicalities and treason aside. Will you help? Actually I guess it’s too late now, either you’re helping, or you’re about to report me to your superiors and then I’ll be for the chop too.”

Red was silent for a moment.

“I guess the cold blooded murder of our own guy does feel rough. I’ll help where I can, but if I’m asked I’ll deny all knowledge, and it’s your plan, your resources, your idea, I’m just holding your hand.” she said gently entwining her fingers in his.

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