the hills have eyes

Charlie was shivering. He had sat in the field all day, it was now dark, no one had arrived at the station, no one had gone in or out of the house and now the house was aglow and he could see smoke coming from the chimney.

He had been subconsciously humming ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ by The Clash for the last half an hour, whilst fantasising about pizza. He was currently imagining a large pepperoni with BBQ sauce and sausage stuffed crust.

“So Charlie boy, what you gonna do? Stay out here all night or go back and do something.”

The sound of his own voice shocked Charlie for a moment, he hadn’t been aware he was going to speak, so was a little surprised when he heard himself.

“Weird.” Charlie said out loud.

It was no use, Charlie was not going to stay in the field for the whole night and if no one had come his way so far, then perhaps he was just making a mountain out of a molehill. He stood up and began walking back to the house.

In a control room, far far away, a note was made.


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