next steps

Charles had just woken up. He had tried to move, but the throbbing in his head rapidly put paid to that idea. He opened an eye and paused, no further pain, so he opened the other. He wasn’t in his own room, he could see a mirrored table with an ornate lamp and a grand door, on which hung a black satin nightgown.

He tried to recall the end of the night before, but his memory had a large hole after he had consumed his sixth post dinner Martini. He knew he’d been at the Ra Ra Lounge, but where that was and how he had gotten to and from there was beyond him. One thing was for sure though, Alexa knew how to make the most of her city.

He risked stretching an arm out from under the pillow and soon came across skin and someone else's skin at that. This was something Charles hadn’t been expecting, he was going to have to roll over and see who it was.

With a huge force of will, Charles heaved his alcohol soaked body over and was met with the grinning face of Miss Alexa Alberforce.

“Good morning, how’s the head?”

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