poison pen letter

“Inspector Deacon, as much as it pains me to say this, after what you put my family through during your murder investigation, I am glad to see you. Please sit.” Charles motioned to a very ornate seat, next to the fireplace in the elaborate front room of his house.

“Thank You Lord Yates.”

That was very rich thought Charles. He’d never called Charles; Lord Yates during the murder investigation, but now he was all airs and graces. Well, Charles thought, I suppose my wife has just died.

“Please, just call me Charles. Now, do you have any information on my wifes death?”

“She was found by the housekeeper in her dressing chair. She was holding a letter.”

“A letter?”

Charles knew what was coming next.

“Yes a letter. Luckily your housekeeper didn’t touch it and my first man on the scene was quick enough to realise that it was important, so only touched it wearing his traffic gloves. Saved his life. The letter was covered in a fast acting poison, we’ve only ever seen it used against spies and the like.”

Charles paused for a moment.

“This letter, it was addressed from Pale Clara I assume?”

“Yes it was sir.”

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