care to dance

The naughty weekend away was now a distant memory for Daniel, as he had been thrust into the cold loneliness of an operation the moment he had returned from the trip. He was in an East German car driving through East Berlin, on the way to a meeting with a potential defector.

Lovingly codenamed Hermann the German by his department. He was a mid level East German military intelligence officer, with a sick wife who wanted to be treated in the West. It was Daniel’s job to check the couple out and if possible bring them both in, with all the intelligence they could gather.

He pulled the car into the designated meeting spot, turned the rubber band engine off and waited.

He was caught unawares sometime later, by a knock on the passenger door. He reached over and opened it, letting a short, slightly bald, rotund man sit down next to him.

“Es tut mir leid mein herr. Ich heisse Hermann. Ich liebe edelweis schokolade, und du?”

That was the codephrase the man had been told to use, now Daniel simply needed to use the reply phrase and they could begin the dance.

“Guten abends Hermann, Ich liebe dich.”

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