something is in the air

Charles had eventually come right, by the time his valet had started preparing his evening wear. He was ashamed to have been so put under, for so long of a period, by alcohol and more ashamed, indeed astounded, to find out that Alexa had not drunk anything at all and was still on the dancefloor when daylight raised its head.

“She really is quite a girl!” He said to himself as he prepared his shaving kit. It was beginning to get dark outside and Charles found the experience of shaving at dusk quite bemusing. Not something he’d like to make a regular occurrence, but was a welcome change to the rigid structure that had been imposed on his grooming by his father.

“The dawn of a new age.” Charles said to his doppelganger in the mirror.

“Sorry sir, do you need assistance?” Jack said from outside the door.

“Oh, no sorry Jack, my fault, just talking to this handsome chap in the mirror.”

There was silence in return. Charles knew this meant that his valet was passing silent judgement on him, but he didn’t really care, because Charles was also aware, that Jack had a female interest of his own.

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