the voyage home

Charles was back on a transatlantic liner. This time however, he was in vastly superior quarters. This is not to say that last time his room was in anyway lacking, just that the room he was sharing, under duress, with Alexa was almost palatial. It came with its own set of staff and so Charles had given Jack the length of the voyage, to do with what he pleased. This came with some argument from Jack, but eventually he could see he was not going to win the battle and gave in to his masters request.

A telegram had been sent from New York to the London house, to give advance notice of the couple’s arrival and that a guest bedroom would need to be readied for Alexa’s arrival. There was no way the couple would be able to share a room in the house without causing huge uproar amongst the staff. This didn’t mean the couple would not be spending some nights together, but officially they would be in separate bedrooms.

Alexa found the whole charade most amusing and had threatened to leave certain adventurous items of her underwear in Charles’ room, in locations, easily findable by the staff.

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