Daniel was back in the cafe, awaiting Red’s arrival.

She was late.

This had begun to worry Daniel a little, as Red had never been late to any of their meetings before and with the information he had been passed today, he couldn’t help but wonder whether the two were related.

He nursed one cup of tea, then another and still she didn’t arrive.

“Tick tock tick tock. Come on Red, where are you?” he said as the third cup of tea was delivered.

“You waiting for someone love or do you wanna order now?” The comely waitress said to him through a cloud of cigarette smoke.

Daniel sighed and flicked a piece of cigarette ash onto the floor. “I’ll have the usual please Mavis, my friend seems to be very late.”

Mavis nodded and wandered back to the kitchen, dropping little piles of ash the whole way. Daniel had never seen the kitchen and to be honest, was quite pleased he hadn’t, he probably would have to find somewhere else to eat if he did.

His food arrived a short while later, he ate and was getting up to pay, when in through the curtained front door burst Red.

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