mystery man

The wake had consisted of all the usual tropes and well worn commiserations and was now winding down. Charles and his immediate-ish relations, had drunk the correct amount and were now stood, slightly aside from most of the other guests, reminiscing on their lives as people often are wont to do.

Alex was currently relaying his and Charles’ misadventures in France during the first war. He was making it funny, but Charles’ recollection was anything but humorous. He was not however going to put a dampener on Alex’s monologue, as it was enthralling those around him and distracting them from what Charles was doing.

Charles had spotted someone he didn’t recognise. This wasn’t altogether unsurprising, as there were a lot of people present in his house, but this person wasn’t mingling with the other guests as would be expected.

“Excuse me, one moment.” Charles said to the small group. They barely moved their attention from Alex.

Charles moved slowly down the room, pretending to check his guests were well refreshed, making a beeline towards the unfamiliar man.

“Do you need a top up old chap?” Charles asked the man.

“I think I am fine, thank you.”

The man sounded German.

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