in cars

Charlie’s newly found power had gone a little to Charlie’s head. He was currently sat in a very nice German luxury car, driving at speed down a country road. He wasn’t really sure where he was going, he couldn’t work the Sat Nav in the car as it didn’t recognise his voice and unbeknownst to him, the car had called the police to tell them it had been stolen and would shortly be providing them ongoing GPS references of its location.

In short, Charlie was fucked, but was having far too much fun driving fast to care.

At the quite literal rate he was going, he would make it back to the city in no time at all and was looking forward to getting back to his flat, to hopefully spend at least one night there before they came for him. He had realised that there was no hope of escape and had decided to just push the envelope until it broke, or someone glued the flap closed on him.

The scenery was glorious. British countryside at its finest. Completely useless for anything other than looking at, but it was excelling wonderfully at this purpose as Charlie hooned through it.

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