cuckoo in the nest

“I’m sorry friend, but I don’t recognise you. Were you an old acquaintance of my wife?” Asked Charles.

The other man smiled. “No not an old friend of hers, I only came to know of her very recently in fact. It is very sad what has happened to you. I have had similar experiences myself. Perhaps we may talk about them?”

Charles looked at the man in an effort to assess whether his instincts were correct, or whether, he was just very drunk. Well, he knew he was very drunk, but he wasn’t sure whether this was impacting his instincts.

“Could you hold on a moment, I just need to get someone.”

Charles walked back to Alex.

“Alex, could you come with me and meet someone please.”

“Charles, I’m busy here.”

Charles grabbed Alex and dragged him away from the group.

“Hold on old chap!” Alex protested, but Charles had him well held until they reached the man at the other end of the room. By now, the whole room was watching.

“I’d like you to meet my cousin Alex.”

“Ah yes Alex, we have crossed paths, a lifetime ago.”

“Apologies, I don’t remember you at all sir!” Alex responded.

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