into the breech

Daniel was stood outside the front door of you know who, arm poised ready to lift the heavy brass knocker. One thing for certain was, his superior had a considerably nicer abode than he did. He paused for another beat, fighting the rising angst and bile filling up his throat, then lifted the knocker and gave one loud knock. He resisted the urge for a friendly rat a tat tat.

After a short pause, the hallway light turned on and after some shuffling of locks and latches the door was opened by an older woman.

“Can I help you sir?” Her voice was as creeky as the door knocker was sonorous.

Without hesitation, Daniel pushed past the old lady and stormed down the corridor. It was late, not so late that everyone would be in bed, but late enough Daniel hoped for the children to be out of the way.

He found his boss sat in his study, nursing a large glass of something that looked like scotch. He looked up as Daniel entered and it became apparent that it was not his first drink of the night. Daniel shut the door quietly and pulled up the chair opposite him.

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