back to the roots

After twenty minutes of walking through corn, corn which had torn the bottom of his jeans and left small but immensely painful cuts on his hands, he decided to give up and just lay down. He had tried to make a snow angel type of affair to start with, but the corn was so tough it was impossible. So now he was just laying still, looking at the blue sky, listening to the sound of his own body in his ears.

A bonus side effect of this which Charlie wasn’t aware of, was that he had all but disappeared from the view of the satellite overhead and this had caused the operator on shift at that moment, to call his superior officer in to look at the feed.

“How long since he disappeared?” The gruff supervisor asked the junior officer in the chair.

“Less than ten minutes sir. He can’t be far.” came the junior’s reply.

“And the ETA on the collection team?”

The junior pressed a button which moved the camera from the field, to the trucks travelling at speed, down the centre lane of the motorway.

“Looks to be about 10 minutes until they reach the field sir.”

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