ticket to ride

Kath had rarely been out in the gardens after dark, let alone this late, but time with Alexa seemed to fly and Kath was finding her attitude to life equally terrifying and refreshing. She had never experienced such an independent woman before, growing up in a house of overprotective men and being the youngest child, had kept her closeted away from danger, but also excitement.

The two women were on horseback at the furthest boundary of the estate. Kath was riding side saddle as she always did, whilst Alexa was fully astride her horse, another very new experience for Kath, who had never seen a lady ride a horse in such a way before.

“Kath, it really is much easier if you ride the horse properly my dear.” Alexa said, as Kath caught up to her, their horses’ breath leaving clouds of steam in the cold night air.

“I’ve never been taught how to ride like that. Ladies always ride like this.”

Alexa jumped from her horse, walked over to Kath grabbed her right leg and with difficulty pushed it over the bridle until Kath was sat astride her pony.

“There you go, now you’re a real woman.” Alexa laughed.

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