sealed with a kiss

Twelve deranged hours had passed. Charlie had spent most of it on the sofa, trying to work out whether Gina left him the note and if so, whether it was sincere or some huge double bluff. Once night had fallen, he had finally got himself worked up enough to go and see Gina, whether this was the right idea or not he couldn’t tell.

When your whole world is collapsing around you, you have no idea which bit of wall is going to crush you.

He was stood outside her door wondering whether he should knock or not, when the door opened and Charlie was pulled forcibly into the room. Gina had her finger to her lips, probably like she did at school when she was telling the unruly ADHD kid to be quiet, whilst the shy, sexually frustrated newly qualified teacher, who was still nursing last nights hangover, was trying to teach the class what a vowel was.

Charlie stood still and quiet, Gina turned, grabbed a packed rucksack from the bed, gave it to Charlie and pushed him back out the door, blowing him a kiss, before shutting aforementioned door.

Charlie decided that it was time to leave.

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