love is a battlefield

“So Jack, a new day, full of potential and fresh chances.”

“Indeed sir.”

“Indeed sir. Jack you are quite the most understated person I think I have ever had the joy of being associated with.”

“Indeed sir.”

Charles was going to have some fun now.

“This girl you’re seeing Jack. What’s her name?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t seem to follow sir. What girl are you referring to?”

Charles turned to face his valet.

“Come on Jack, we’re both men of the world. Alexa and I are both quite aware that you have been taking one of her maids out, whilst her and I are out for dinner.

For the first time, Charles saw Jack shuffle awkwardly in his Valet uniform and pause, momentarily, from ironing Charles’ tie.

“Ah. Yes, I am sorry you have found out about that sir. I will halt the liaisons immediately.”

“Halt the liaisons! Jack, what are you talking about man? It is delightful that you and her are getting on so well. What’s her name ?”

This was key, he and Alexa had made a small wager on who could find out the name of the maid first.

“Her name is Virginia sir. Gina in short.”

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