you do a guy a favour

Daniel had been thinking about you know what, for a week or so whilst he had been fully debriefed on what had happened to his operation in East Germany. He had a suspicion, that the man he was set to kill, had let someone on the other side of the Iron Curtain know, what was going on and that is how the caper got uncovered.

This irritated Daniel a little. More than a little in fact, but the British stiff upper lip stopped him from letting on too much. He had begun to reconsider killing his target as originally planned, but he couldn’t do that without being absolutely certain that the head of MI6, really was the cause of the leak.

Of course, there was no way that Daniel would ever be able to find out whether that was the case or not. So instead he thought he would approach his target and tell him what he knew. Not go as far as tell him that he had been tasked with killing him, but let him know that senior members of both security services knew of his little ‘secret’.

That should get things moving along one way or the other.

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