lord giveth lord taketh away

The response Daniel had received from his boss, was exactly what Daniel had expected to happen. A cold stony silence, followed, after some awkward staring, by a terse “Get out.” Daniel wasn’t scared, because he knew that he knew the truth and he knew that his boss knew, that he knew the truth and that truth would get out, if anything were to happen to Daniel. All Daniel had to do now, was wait and that was something that Daniel could do.

Daniel was raised from his mild revelry by a ringing telephone. Daniel hated the telephone, it was a modern plastic thing with buttons and a horrible electronic ringer. He had much preferred his old phone, but progress was progress. He picked up the receiver and held it to his ear.

“Switch on scrambler.” The voice said at the other end.

Daniel switched the microswitch on the side of the phone that engaged the scrambler circuit.

“OK, scrambled.”

“Good.” Daniel recognised the voice of the CIA London station chief and his heart leapt into his mouth.

“We need you to bring forward the day of action, the target’s behaviour has changed. We think he may have found something out.”

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