wir sind die nacht

“Just keep walking” Charles said under his breath to his colleagues.

“Well there isn’t much else we can do is there!” The pilot replied.

“Es tut mir leid, papieren bitte?” The voice behind them came again, this time followed by the familiar metallic crunch of the bolt being drawn on a German Gewehr 98 rifle.

“It’s no use, we’re going to have to stop.” Charles said slowing and turning on the spot.

“Guten abend, der nacht ist sehr schon mein hehr. Meine papiere sind zu hause.” Charles hadn’t had to use his German for a while, but hoped the fact that the uniform he was wearing, outranked that of the guard questioning him, combined with the fact that the pilot was wearing a German police officer’s uniform, would help disguise that.

“Wo ist deine hause? Kapitän?” The four men were now stood facing each other.

“Oh come on, it’s three to one, let’s stop messing around.” Alex said in English, before, with lighting speed, slamming the butt of his pistol into the German’s gawping face.

“Come on let’s hide him before he wakes up.”

They dragged the man down a side alley, tying him up with his own boot laces.

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